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When it comes to getting an ideal home, there are just two main options: Purchasing a new home or completely remodeling your house into a home you desire. At Broward Contractor, we have the designers, experience, expertise, and contractors that offer you major home remodeling features such as home additions, room addition, bathroom renovation, and other complete home remodeling services.

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We have worked on and completed over a thousand renovations locally and pride ourselves on being one of Miami’s leading home remodeling companies. Our building team is one of the most experienced and skilled renovation builders, not just within Miami but also across America. The final delivery of our projects is unmatched and is on a premium level of professionalism that is second to none. The best home addition service is now available for you.

Undoubtedly, space is the most precious and desired quality of any home. You need enough room to relax, entertain, play, and enjoy, regardless of you living alone or having a growing family. Broward Contractor offers you the best home addition contractor services in Fort Lauderdale and Central Florida.

It doesn’t matter whether your budget is small or big, whether you want to renovate your bathroom or desire additional home space. Broward Contractor can design and deliver an ideal solution that fulfills your requirements.

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If you think that you don’t have enough room in your home and are desperately in need of an additional floor or two, the simple solution is home addition. It’s always economical and more convenient to add more room to your house as compared to moving to an entirely new home. And if you are sure your house requires home addition service, Broward Contractor is the perfect solution.  Do you want a second-floor addition? Contact us right now!

Room Additions Fort Lauderdale

Our Standard Room Addition Process:

Broward Contractor’s home addition process is simple, straightforward, and worth considering as we have extensive experience in managing and delivering highly complicated, successful projects all across South Florida.
Expanding your existing rooms or adding a new one may sound like a lot of work, but with Broward Contractor, you can get the room of your dreams with smooth and efficient results leaving you happy and completely satisfied. We have a collection of our completed designs – a large selection of materials for you to choose from – Hardware, paint, carpeting, and much more.

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Creating a space that is both inviting and functional can be challenging for homeowners. However, with Broward Contractor you can quickly get the room that YOU want, our team of designers and contractors will work with you from start to the very end to give you the desired results that are bespoke and state-of-art.

In every room addition project, we take, we ensure to rigorously include the following elements so as to maintain the highest benchmark of quality of services we have built for our company.

Now, you can quickly get the best room addition services in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Professional Crews: Our highly expert contractors and builders are specialists in the construction of home additions. They work hard under the supervision of extremely professional management to ensure that you and your family are not inconvenienced during the tenure of the project. Schedule your appointment now with the best sunroom addition company in Florida.
  • Exceptional Quality Products: We have established excellent relationships with the leading manufacturer; of the industry, allowing us to deliver you with the most durable and attractive products for room addition services. All of the products we plan on adding in your room are on display in our showrooms, so you get a first-hand look at everything that will be a part of your room addition.
  • Unmatched Warranties: All of our products have genuine warranties, providing you tremendous protection for your investments and purchases.

Thinking of adding an extra room to your house or remodeling the ones you have? In the Fort Lauderdale and Central Florida region, the most popular room additions include:

  • Family Room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Sunroom

The smallest change in your home can make a dramatic difference in the overall aesthetic of your home, not to mention it’s value, and Broward Contractor offers you precisely that.

Garage Additions Fort Lauderdale


Having a spacious garage is very convenient as these not only offer a secured space for your vehicles but can be utilized as a useful storage space for bikes, tools, gardening equipment, etc. Although garages are quite basic rooms, you should not underestimate the value of having a spacious garage as you can treat your garage as an extension to your storage room. If your garage doesn’t have enough space, you can always enhance the area by adding extra room to your garage. Garage conversion was never this easy.

At Broward Contractor, our team of fully insured and licensed remodeling technicians and constructors can give your garage the additional space it requires to perfectly meet your requirement. As a whole-unit house remodeling company, we can visualize, design, and deliver pretty much anything you want with your garage addition and remodeling. Your new garage addition will fit in seamlessly with your existing home structure, giving you more space to store items in your garage. Get your garage conversion plan started now!

We have been working with and for commercial clients, private homeowners to build and deliver them breathtaking and functional garages for the last decade. Our core focus is adding more space to your garage while keeping the aesthetic value and look at its pinnacle. Our extensive experience ensures high-quality garages that secure your home and business, we also provide professional recommendations regularly at every stage of garage addition, ensuring you have maximum storage space to get more things in your shelf.

Let Broward Contractor make things easy for you! Contact us today and schedule a completely free in-office consultation with us. Let us explain the endless benefits of why you need to increase the size of your garage. Our company has worked with over a thousand garage addition projects all across Florida and has unmatched expertise in complete home remodeling.

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