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Fort Lauderdale’s #1 luxury Venetian Plastering company. Our tools and equipment are directly from Italy.  We are a licensed remodeling company with an experience of over 30 years all across Florida with over a thousand projects in the last three decades.  Contact us now to give your home the Venetian touch it needs with the best Venetian plaster company in Fort Lauderdale.

Luxurious Designs


We have the expertise, experience and the ability to create luxurious custom Marmorino, Venetian and Stucco designs that are based on your ideas, our designers creativity and expertise on the project. Get Venetian plaster service in Fort Lauderdale now!


We are a team of highly skilled, experienced Venetian applicators and Installers that have served in the lime business in Fort Lauderdale for 3 decades. We offer you an unmatched luxury plaster finish with high glossy paint to give your plaster the complete touch and enhance your home’s beauty.


Broward Contractor provides you with professional limewashing and glazing services. We use the finest quality, Italian products that offer you the fabulous results and give your home a luxury finish touch.

Plaster Restoration & Repair

At Broward Contractor we provide you with the finest quality venetian plaster restoration & repair services in the Fort Lauderdale area. Whether it’s filling in small gaps or completely resurfacing either interior or exterior walls with plaster we make sure we understand the client’s goals as some of the buildings that require this type of work are historical landmarks with unique requirements that we strive to adhere to. Give us a call if you’d like to restore the luxury of your fading plaster finishes.

Eco Friendly Custom Venetian Plaster in Fort Lauderdale

We firmly believe in being Eco friendly and offer our clients with the best All Natural Marmorino. We use it in selective areas, obviously mostly on the walls but we can alls apply ventian plaster to your ceilings, different staircases and other important spots of the house.

Faux Venetian Plaster


 At Broward Contractor we provide you with customized and unique stucco or Marmorino applications by our expert Faux Venetian Plaster service. You can choose the finishing of your choice of plaster in several ranges of colors. Our material is of great quality and gives your home the luxury edge it needs. But that’s just the materials, where to apply them is almost as important, the obvious choice being on the walls, but columns or ceilings can be equally eye catching when venitian plaster is applied.

 If you want to give  your home a traditional  Italian look, then you need to start investing now! We offer classical Venetian Plastering services that will make your home stand out and give it a luxurious touch-the classic Italian way with premium Venetian plaster service.

Custom Venetian Plaster


Broward Contractor is a recognized and licensed Venetian Plaster Company in Fort Lauderdale, we use affordable natural lime based Venetian Plaster products with imported and exceptional quality Italian tools. We have been applying Venetian, Marmorino and Stucco based plaster in residential projects not just in Fort Lauderdale but all across Florida.

What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian Plaster is also known as Stucco, Marble Plaster, Marmorino and Polished Plaster. The renowned plaster is made from very rare fired limestone that goes through a complicated procedure to be made into a paste that can be used as a plaster. This lime plaster is then applied to walls that are exposed to carbon dioxide in the air and the mixture turns back into limestone.  It’s a magical process where it starts from Limestone and then ends up as limestone again- simply luxurious.

Venetian Plaster has been used for centuries in ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece and Rome, however its implementation is an art and only professionals who have mastered the skill can do it and leave your walls or ceilings looking like a luxury mansion from the old world.  At Broward Contractor we have venitian plaster artists who are experts in this field that can get the job done affordably and on time.  

Venetian Plaster Installer in Fort Lauderdale

Broward Contractor already has an incredibly established in the home remodeling and handyman industry all across South Florida. We also have an established reputation in Venetian Plaster industry, our team of interior designers, builders, architects have worked together on countless projects and delivered some of the best homes in Fort Lauderdale and other regions of Florida.  We have passed our knowledge of stunning yet complex Custom  Venetian Plaster Service  to our superb team at Broward Contractor and have trained them thoroughly in the art.

Why you should try Broward Contractor- The affordable custom plaster company

Venetian Plasters are natural, lime-based products that are breathable and have been established as the best form of plasters all across the world. They give your home a very fresh and airy structure that makes the environment of your house extremely pleasant. We import each and every single plaster directly from Italy to keep our quality top-notch and our prices competitive.

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